The Woman

As she slithered out of the sea, she felt her the cold air against her twelve nipples. They stood erect and perky, like dried pinto beans. On further inspection, the sea-beast noticed her boobs had swollen after a prolonged visit to the bottom of the ocean. She felt sexual today. She flicked her head back sending the droplets of water tumbling down her scale-covered boobs. It was that moment she realised the horror of her situation.

“Ah, fuck it,” she grumbled. “I’m being written by a man…”

I jest, I jest!

Did you see the Facebook drama last week about men and women writing from the opposite gender’s point of view? No, neither did I, I frickin’ hate Facebook. But I did see it when it spilt across Twitter and the blogosphere.

In my opinion, you should be allowed to write whatever you want and it’s a stupid debate.

Although, I would always say if you’re going to write something gender-specific, go ask a member of the opposite sex to read your text. Or you may find your work being mocked mercilessly (and usually, quite rightly) on Men Write Women over on Twatter. (Linky: )

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