#PitMad: One for the writers

Brace yourselves, #PitMad is coming. I mentioned this a few months back right before the last #PitMad pitch-event. I got an overwhelming barrage of “I wish I knew about this sooner,” tweets.

So, here we are. A month before the next #PitMad pitch-war, I’m giving y’all a heads up. The next one’s on the 8th of September.

For them that-wot-haven’t heard of #PitMad, it’s a quarterly event on Twitter where you get to pitch your completed, polished, unpublished manuscripts to agents and editors.

There are regular events like this from other groups on Twitter. But #PitMad is where it’s at. It’s well run and focussed so editors and agents can be a part of this event, instead of being spam-bombed by well-meaning folks trying to emulate #PitMad.

I’m not saying you should ignore other pitch parties, but man, #PitMad is, well, mad.

The awesome thing about #PitMad is you don’t need to be established at all on Twitter to join in. A complete profile helps, but it’s bad etiquette to like and retweet pitches using the hashtag as it clutters the tweet responses. That makes it harder for editors and agents to navigate what they’re looking at and what they’ve already responded too. So yeah, a complete profile helps, but having a following of 0 makes no difference during #PitMad.

So, do you have a work you want to pitch? Go and read the entire #PitMad page on Pitch Wars (link: pitchwars.org/pitmad ). There are rules, guidelines and additional hashtags you’ll need on genres. If you’re going to join in, make your pitch the best-darned pitch you can. If you don’t prepare your tweets, your wasting your time, their time and an opportunity to get published.

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