Leo, the lioness

Leos, it is, apparently, your month. Your time to shine. Your time to be the commanding, warm-hearted and loving grumpy cat we all know you are around your birthday.

So to alleviate some grumpiness, I have put up my Fear Cats tee on Threadless for sale (usually $20, currently $17). That’ll go nicely with the free-shipping code, FREESHIP7197cca8e.

Threadless link: littlefears.threadless.com

Also, if you want more Cat, I’ve dropped another £3 off the price of my Leo print on Etsy. She’s down to £9 with free global shipping.

Etsy: etsy.com/uk/shop/LittleFears

Now, stop being a sourpuss and celebrate the fact you’re a year closer to your imminent death.

Happy cat month, Leos!

Cheers to Kathy & Warren for the continued $10 Patronage. You can find me on Ko Fi, Patreon, Etsy, Amazon, Skillshare and Threadless.