Mile Marker 26

Story by Ruth

All the silent letters gathered at the Overpass one day, roiling with discontent.

The First “R” in Sarsaparilla exclaimed, “We’re not being heard!”

“If you’re not going to use me, I’ll just go back to the herd,” said The “A” in Heard.

But another protest had already been scheduled for that morning. It was the Misunderstood Phrases Consortium.

“I suppose if a king were doing sit-ups, it would be correct, but please do not call me ‘Regime,’ said Fitness Regimen. “That’s not my name.”

If they’re all there, their tempers will be flaring! You’re sure to see your sentences in fragments.

Legend has it that it all went down at Mile Marker 26. All because they didn’t want to fall through the cracks.

This weeks collaboration was written by the one they call, Auntie Ruth. Two things that aren’t a crash of letters are her blogs. You can find her at and Cheers, Ruth!

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