Kaijune – 13

It’s Deerhound! She’s featured a few times in the Fears stories. I love the idea of a giant Scottish-deerhound with antlers walking across the landscape.

I’m adamant once I’m earning enough money we’re getting a Scottish deerhound. They’re lovely dogs. Gentle giants with pokey faces.

This, of course, has my missus in tears of laughter. I’ve spent the last 15 years of my life being kicked out of bed by Jack Russell Terriers. But that’s unfair. Anyone who’s owned a terrier can attest, the little sods can stretch in bed to in-human sizes. Well, in-dog sizes? Whatever. They can take up more space in bed than a horse when they want too.

As I finish typing this, Lily, a Jack Russell cross, just shoved me off my chair. OK, maybe the missus has a point…

Bonus dog-pictures.


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