Colours Collected Portraits

From 2017 to 2019 I took part in the weekly #Colour_Collective hashtag creating a Little Fears portrait for each colour. Seventy-eight portraits later, and I felt compelled to move onto new things. On this page, for your viewing pleasure, is the complete series.

If you fancy using these characters portraits for anything, please do. They’re free to use in any project. Need a higher resolution copy? Drop me a comment below.

I only ask that you drop a credit to Peter at alongside the image and let me know where you use them. I’d love to see them out in the wild.

Want to tip me for an images use? You can drop me as little as $3 for a cuppa on my Ko-Fi page:

Road Walker ~ 3rd November 2017
Terrordactyl ~ 29th Dec 2017
Triffids – 16th February 2018

Virgo ~ 16th March 2019
Wasps ~ 27th March 2018
Vengeful ~ 18th May 2018
Flight ~ 4th May 2018
Bugly ~ 25th May 2018
Vanilla ~ 6th July 2018
Rhubarb ~ 27th July 2018
Spira ~ 3rd August 2018
Capricorn ~ 8th September 2018
Angler ~ 23rd November 2018
Jade ~ 15th February 2019
Aubergine ~ 22nd February 2019
Spookems ~ 22nd March 2019
Frongle ~ 5th April 2019