Spiders is the Little Fears third series of stories, originally posted in 2017. Much like January, it’s a series of random silly tales with frightful doodles. No plots or development. Just a whole lot of puns.

Although there’s a book available which is complete, I lost parts of this series on the website during the WordPress 5.0 upgrade that wreaked havoc on the Fears.

What’s left is most of the third series, which I hope you enjoy.

Spiders Part One

Spiders Part Two

Spiders Part Three

If you enjoy Spiders and want to inflict my puns on others, this complete series was carefully curated in a book, available on Amazon.

Available as an Ebook and paperback. It’s the perfect gift for someone you want to torture with terrible puns!

Amazon Link: https://amzn.to/2WhKmGd