Forest Floofs

“I’m tellin ya,” sighed Floofy, “when 2020 comes, we’re gonna have a year of bad vision puns.”

“That’s looking ahead,” replied Floof.

“I see what you did there,” laughed Floo.

“Bugger,” sighed Floofy.

I do like Floof. It’s the bestest of names. Tomorrow I have a collab with Marge and then next week I return to the usual Little Fears photo-doodles. I will be mixing in doodles like the Floofs as I go.

As with all of this week’s doodles, the forest Floofs are available over on my Etsy store. I’ve also dropped the price of a lot of my older original illustrations. If you’ve had an eye on one but the price has put you off, now’s the time to nobble. Linky:

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