Playing Time

Aha, those that follow me on social media may have noticed a change this weekend. I have been busy, yo! I’ve doodled up a new avatar for myself. It’s a self-portrait of sorts. Yes, I have small eyes, look generally confused and have a fabulous moustache.

I’ve also changed the header banners on all of my social platforms to Spider lurking behind a rocky outcrop. It’s a bit more ‘me’ than a vanilla ‘Little Fears’ written on a plain white background. I never liked that banner. I was just too lazy to change it.

I’ll be trying a more comic-format this week for the Fears. I’ve tried this before. It’s never quite worked. I got a pile of blank Strathmore ATC’s, and I’d like to do something interesting with them. So this week I’ll be applying my macro doodles to micro cards and giving them the typical Fears tales you all know. Just in an even shorter form.

If you enjoy this week’s panels, please do let me know. If you hate them and want wordier stories back, also let me know. Finally, if you simply want to declare your love of fuzzy llamas with moustaches, please do let me know!

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