Oven Baked

“Mate,” said Ptera, “you look peeved!”

“I’m furious,” grumbled Yuffie. “Just left a restaurant where we ordered oven baked giant-duck.”

“Didn’t it taste very nice?” asked Ptera.

“It was alright,” sighed Yuffie, “but the bill was huge.”

I’ve mentioned before that I make far more content than I need. Doodles, stories and new characters. I create at least twice as much as I will use and discard the stuff I won’t use. I’ve got a couple of folders for stuff that I might use someday but not yet.

In a week-long display of disorganisation, I’m convinced I’ve used the last five pictures before, but I’ll be darned if I can remember when and where. Better planning in future required, I think!

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