Hah! Get it! A mousemaid for #mermay! Or should that be mermouse…

I’ve been playing with a Zig Art & Graphic Twin pen today. I’ve had it for ages, but I have little to no brush control. it’s a swish, swoosh and hope for the best.

Still managed a few Fears critters though. I shall be piddling about with brushes for the rest of the day as it’s ma birfday.

Yep, May the 4th, I am exactly <age redacted> years old. Let me tell you, May the 4th be with you has been a gag since the seventies! In all of my <age redacted> years, I’ve heard that saying every darned birthday! I’m a little older, wiser and my moustache is a little greyer. That’s going to happen after <age redacted> years on this earth though, aye.

Want to try a Zig Art & Graphic Twin? Amazon linky incoming.

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