Yellow Deer

“Deer your puns are awful” cried Sprite.

“Hey,” said Deer, “there is a fine British art to telling a good groaner.”

At that moment, the past and the future approached from opposite directions. Their paths crossed right where Deer and Sprite were standing.

The future bumped into the past, they turned to face each other, growled and postured in a grumpy fashion, then walked away up different paths.

“Wow,” said Deer, “that was tense.”

Sprite whined.

Oh, I loved Deer. A callback to her first appearance and one of my fave esoteric puns. She was in a few stories from my very first series of stories (featured in January) and never really came back. Reckon she looks right against a sunburst of Lemon Yellow for this weeks #Colour_Collective.

Her portraits also available on the Little Fears Etsy store:

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