Birds Approach

Brass Ep. 69

As Copper and Iron moved around the car they felt their feet sinking into the sand. Walking was hard and running was impossible. They watched the corvid walking ever closer to them. Iron popped the bonnet open and began rummaging around the electrics. Copper ducked underneath the car.

“Dammit,” grumbled Copper as she got her first view of the chassis. The sand they’d been driving on had blasted the entire underside of the car several shades of burnt rust. The only time she’d seen a deeper shade of orange was when she watched a human step out of an Essex tanning salon.

Trying to think of an orange segue, and I don’t mean the fruit. So we’ll go with mentioning the Little Fears tees are available in orange.

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Original photo by Fabian Struwe on Unsplash. Thanks to Warren for the continued $10 Patronage

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