Useless Paper

Brass Ep. 63

Copper unfolded the map, wondering how much further the journey was. She sighed and turned the map so Iron could see it. Iron glanced across and saw an almost blank map. Just one road running north to south. No markings, no sign of Brass and no map keys. Just a blank sheet with a single road, going nowhere.

Copper folded the map up and tossed it onto the back seat. The only piece of paper less useful than that map was Theresa May’s Brexit plan.

Hah! Boom! Take that to the face, May!

Etsy thingy, for sellers (and buyers). I noticed yesterday, that free delivery on all items with free delivery now has a noticeable ‘free delivery’ highlighted with green under each item. Awesome.

I hadn’t noticed that before. Not sure when it appeared. Also, hey, look a that. Every print on my Etsy store, does indeed, have free delivery!

Obligatory Etsy store link:

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