Straight up, I don’t do elves. The fancy ones are always ‘considerably richer than you!’ The woodland ones are always naked running through trees and eating berries. The dark ones… Well… They eat peoples hamsters.

I can read stories with them in, just fine. But I can’t write them myself. Heck, I can’t play them in games either. I was never an elf in my 80s Dungeons and Dragons/Heroquest/Warhammer quest days.

I’ve tried giving elves a go in computer games. In Morrowind, Ultima Online, Everquest, Second Life and recently Skyrim. I just can’t jive with them. Though weird thing, I can jive with other non-human critters. Skyrims lizardmen and cat-people (argonians and khajits?) I can piddle about with.

So, yeah, for this weeks #Colour_Collective I’d like to present a trouble of elves. That’s what a group of them is called right?

Oo and the terror-dactyls flying overhead are quite a popular tee on my Threadless store.

Thanks to Warren for the $10 Patronage.

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