Spider Bot

Brass Ep. 47

Iron marvelled at the multicoloured liquids bottles inside the window. Every colour she could imagine. Deep reds; Berry purples; Sunset yellow; Burnt orange; Apple green. She was in awe. Cocktails from around the world preserved inside.

“I think I knew the barmaid, a hulking great spider robot,” pondered Copper.

Iron raised up on her hind legs, front claws against the window to get a better look of the inside.

“She quit bar work,” continued Copper, “and become a web developer.”

Sorry for the squiffy posting times this last week. In-laws went down with lung and heart troubles. Been in and out of the hospital and looking after the fam at their home. The missus has moved back in with her mum for a bit while I double down on work to pay the bills while she’s a full-time carer.

If you fancy helping her out while she’s giving up work to look after the family, check out her Society6 store: society6.com/donnamariestrachan

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