Money Days

Brass Ep. 46

Glass shards and sculpted steel reached up out of the ground. Clawing upwards towards the sign for the financial district.

Broken screens ticked from within what remained of the buildings. Mannequins stood beneath the screens. Papers in hands, and endless cry for more money.

Iron spotted the sign for the stock market. She wondered if they sold chicken, beef or vegetable broths.

Soup is a staple for the frugal, like me. My soup is roughly 1 500 g bag of broth. 2.5 kettles of water. 4 chopped carrots. 4 chopped onions. 4 vegetable stock cubes and 4 tablespoons Bistro veg gravy. I freeze it in bowls and heat them in the microwave. It provides between 16-20 bowls.

I follow a lot of vegetarian food blogs, and sometimes, I do wish posts could be as short as that. I get that your mums, cousins, twice removed niece is coming for the holidays from the Bahamas. I understand she’s bringing her cat, Floofoo who’s hypoallergenic and once had the mumps. And I totally agree that the new DeviantArt eclipse is awesome.

But I don’t need sixteen paragraphs of it before you tell me a recipe for simple soda bread. For love of all that is good and natural, learn some conciseness people!

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