Basic skills ain’t basic

That right there is my original drawing of Fuen. Drawn into a little Gusti Leber pad with a black Posca pen and Tippex for the white.

I took the image into GIMP, a free image editing program on PC and Mac. I isolated the doodle. Then put her everywhere.

She’s featured on the front of my first book, January (link! ). She’s sold on art-prints (link! ). She’s been on t-shirts, with an extra hand and mug added (link! ).

It’s a simple skill. Dead easy! I taught a Skillshare lesson on it while practising my screen recording. How to convert a hand-drawn doodle into a digital graphic. (link! ).

It currently has 237 students with 100% review.

Wait… What? You mean this simple skill isn’t common knowledge? This silly little course is helpful and well rated? Huh… Who’d of thunk it…

But hey, there’s a lesson there right. Sometimes, if you work really hard, you too can be a sunflower.

No, wait, that’s not it…

If you put a character everywhere, you can fill a blog post with stupid amounts of links (link! ).

No… That’s still not it…

It’s something more like, we all have little skills we take for granted. Try putting them out there.

Also, this course is a premium course. Except for the next 48 hours. For the next 48 hours, it’s free. FREE! Enrol in the course, for free, any time before Wednesday evening and it’s free for life.


Good grief that was a lot of links….

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