Jade Bunneh

I ain’t saying it was bunnies… But it was bunnies… Demonic little furry bastards! The lot of them!

So this green-eyed lady is for this weeks #colour_collective. The colour this week is jade. She originally came from a sketchbook with purple eyes. Equally as creepy.

Screw that for a game of rabbits. You’ve all got a fear of these fuzzy little wankers too, right? Ech.

If you like her, there will be some original bunnies appearing on my Etsy store this week. Obligatory link: etsy.me/2sHiY3a

Thingies used to create this evil little crap bag:

Faber-Castell Artists Pitt Black

Faber-Castell Artsits Pitt Purple.

Pink Pig A5 Landscape Recycled Sketchbook.

Thanks to Warren for the $10 Patronage.

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