“A magic dog?” gasped Sprite. “What breed is it?”

“A labracadabrador,” grinned Fluffeh.

Boom! Hah! Take that to the face, readers!

So, that right there is an ACEO. ACEO stands for Art Card Originals and Editions. They are sisters-in-law of ATC’s or Art Trading Cards.

They are diddy. 2.5 by 3.5 inches. Credit card sized art you can carry in your wallet. It’s a compact and affordable art form for artists and anyone who enjoys their art.

Fluffeh here is currently on my Etsy store £6. She’s got free global delivery and even comes in a wee plastic sleeve. She doesn’t come with a magic dog. Sorry about that.

Little Fears Etsy store link:

Thanks to Warren for the $10 Patronage.

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