Fear of Etsy

All of the new listings! ALL OF THEM!

OK, so, I’ve listed 24 items this week, 18 of them are new products. The Triffids, Fuens chicks, Capricorn and the Bugs have all returned. Now accompanied by Pisces, Aires, Leo, Aquarius and more.

Obligatory mid post link: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/LittleFears

Up until now, I’ve sold around 400’ish prints at markets and events in real life. 150’ish prints through comments and emails. Then 9 through Etsy. A tad bad of me there. It means my Etsy store has very little feedback and an awful sales count. So from now on, I’ll be directing all comment and email sales through Etsy. The fees are worth it for the long term benefits of being established on an online market as big as Etsy.

I’m happy to say Red, up there, is my best market stall seller. Usually to adorn a children’s bedroom. I like that. Certainly never intended, but I can imagine having Red on my wall as a kid.

Any-who, yes, here’s the thing. Before Christmas I had an order come in for 250 of these prints. They’re printed on 200 gsm matte card. I kinda miss having the canvas texture effect of my old prints, but the quality of ink absolutely pastes anything I’ve ever printed myself. So much so, I have conscripted all my old prints to the scrap paper shelf in my cupboard. The ink has so much depth to it, it gives the colours a wonderful kapow that has been absent on my older prints.

My good friend Esme, who rides upon a cloud, put in an order for Fuen and the chicklets the week my order was arriving and nobbled the first of the new prints. Despite having to wait a week, she loved the print enough to give me a 5-star rating. If a print’s good enough for a cloud riding Esme, it’s good enough for me.

As always, despite a background in marketing, I have no idea how to market my own stuff. Anyone got an Etsy marketing class for me? Haha.

I figure a link at the bottom of the post is a good start.

Little Fears on Etsy: www.etsy.com/uk/shop/LittleFears

Thanks to Warren for the $10 Patronage.

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