The last #Colour_Collective of the year. Please say hello to Darkness. A mean arse arachnid-like monster from the Capricorn horror stories. It’s a character I’ve had for ages and I’ve never known how to present her. Turns out, giving her some spots and hanging her from a thread of web was the perfect way to present her.

It would appear, we’re one day away from new years eve. So, this is new years eve-eve, right? Or Hogmanay as they seem to call it in my new local town.

There are things I wanted to be done before the new year started that I haven’t managed. I’m still fixing the website. I’ve managed to repair about 100 posts with another 700’ish to go. Crab nabbit, that WordPress 5.0 update has mauled me. It’s taking me 5 hours for every 30 posts. Even then not all of them are working thanks to Gutenburgs… Quirks…

I’d say it’s easier to make new posts of all the old stories and mass delete the old ones. But then I could kiss goodbye to two years worth of SEO, search rankings and imagine all those links posted across social media going nowhere… Urgh. Oh well. Suck it up and get on with it.

I never managed to update my Etsy shop either (Obligatory link: etsy.com/uk/shop/LittleFears ). I have 24 new art prints, fresh from Moo, with a new and lovely card smell and none of them made it onto Etsy from a month ago.

I have to overhaul my Patreon and Ko-Fi too. When someone buys me a cuppa from Ko-Fi from now I’ll be linking to them in the footer of the next story post as thanks. Same with Patreon. I’ve always given new patrons a shout out, but I have very little support there. A few awesome Feary diehards. But otherwise, I get one new Patron a month. Then usually lose one in exchange, haha. Maybe I should be putting the weekly $10 into a daily $10 shout out. I’ve always thought if I ever got popular, that would asplode my post footers though. I’ll figure something out.

Though speaking of which…

With special thanks.

Weekly shout out to my $10 patron, Warren from IWrite. Without people like Warren, I wouldn’t be able to wake you all with my little fears and you’d probably cry a lot less in the morning than you already do. So please do check out Warrens blog.