Storms & Studios

So I thought I’d share a photo of my not-Instagram-worthy studio today. Also, I thought I’d share what yesterdays Storm Deidre did to my new homes fence. Pssh. The fiend! The Fears are on hand to help drop a pallet on a salvageable panel that was pulling the rest of the fence down. Cheers Piscies and… Oh… Deer…

Now, there’s a studio pic. It’s a mish-mash of the cheapest furniture I could get with odd second-hand bits and bobs. It ain’t very stylish but it is very functional. The studio includes a spacious dog crate used as a desk extension (because apparently, my desk chair is nicer for pups to sit on).

The PC was a self-build and cost £300’ish for a 16gb ram, AMD Ryzen 3 2200G with a bunch of old hard drives in. I’ll cover the PC in a future post about the tech the Fears use.

I ended up with two small monitors instead of one big one. A £20 19″ monitor combined with a £4 “16 flat screen TV. Both second hand. The 16″ TV is absolutely dire. It has less than 720p resolution. The monitor is absolutely awesome. I know 19″ is too small for most people nowadays, but the picture is so darned crisp. It’s an odd one because I cannot find it listed anywhere. It has a 1920 x 1020 resolution. But no matter how much I search, I just cannot find any 19” monitors with a resolution that high. Maybe it was one of the first 1020p monitors that were too expensive to make? Whatever, It’s small, but I absolutely love it.

The lamps are of course, meant to help with future videos. The window doesn’t get much light as I’m around the back of the house. So when I’m videoing myself drawing I need every bit of light from my left that I can get.

Oh, that box against the back wall is a delivery of art-prints. I’ve had them nearly two weeks and haven’t gotten the buggers onto Etsy yet! Hopefully, this week…

Some hot-picks furniture links.

Phew. Ever put studio pics or other creative spaces photos online yourself? Leave us a link comments so we can have a perv over your own creative spaces and writing desks.