Insect Queen

There was no #Colour_Collective last week, but I still wanted to do a portrait. So the lovely insect queen steps up for her portrait. She likes sugar, honey and ruining humans picnic sandwiches. 

She’s also available as an original artwork on my Etsy store. 

You can purchase the insect queen here:

Ooo, and speaking of Etsy. My new Little Fears prints arrived last week. They look awesome. Whatever printer type they use it puts the ink down far better than my old HP did. I’ll be overhauling the Etsy store and adding a bunch of new prints over the next few days. I will, of course post some sexy photos of them here.

With special thanks

Weekly shout out to my $10 patron, Warren from IWrite. Without people like Warren, I wouldn’t be able to wake you all with my little fears and you’d probably cry a lot less in the morning than you already do. So please do check out Warrens blog.