Fears at Work

So stuff keeps happening.

I made an attempt at upgrading WordPress to 5.0. It’s gone tragically wrong. I’ve had to re-install the entire website and I’m unable to upload a back up more than 8mb. I’ve tried a great many workarounds on the internet and none of them seems to be working.

I’ll figure it out, and the Fears will return. Until then, we’ll be crying in our little corner of the net. Throwing pebbles at the server.



All my posts were recoverable. All of the images are missing. All 1,332 of them. God above. Oh well, that’s my weekend planned then.

Update, update.

Oh god, it’s given me the new editor… Someone! HELP! This thing’s awful!

Update, update, update

It would appear my old theme is not Gutenberg friendly. Also, all my inline images that’s I’ve been using with basic HTML for the last couple of years don’t seem to work with WordPress 5.0.  However this update went down, the entire posting history of the Little Fears (about 1,000 posts) was going to need editing. Balls.

Update, update, update, update

New theme’s kinda coming together. I do miss my old landing page though.