Fears at Work

So stuff keeps happening.

I made an attempt at upgrading WordPress to 5.0. It’s gone tragically wrong. I’ve had to re-install the entire website and I’m unable to upload a back up more than 8mb. I’ve tried a great many workarounds on the internet and none of them seems to be working.

I’ll figure it out, and the Fears will return. Until then, we’ll be crying in our little corner of the net. Throwing pebbles at the server.



All my posts were recoverable. All of the images are missing. All 1,332 of them. God above. Oh well, that’s my weekend planned then.

Update, update.

Oh god, it’s given me the new editor… Someone! HELP! This thing’s awful!

Update, update, update

It would appear my old theme is not Gutenberg friendly. Also, all my inline images that’s I’ve been using with basic HTML for the last couple of years don’t seem to work with WordPress 5.0.  However this update went down, the entire posting history of the Little Fears (about 1,000 posts) was going to need editing. Balls.

Update, update, update, update

New theme’s kinda coming together. I do miss my old landing page though.

  1. I wouldn’t, and couldn’t like to like this, so I guess a comment will have to do. The Danes would say, Træls, which means lousy, or bad, or boring, or…well you get the picture, I think? Træls – it seems to fit the occasion…

  2. This is my fear about moving to the new layout. I tried a beta version and all my images post all distorted 🙁 If you find out what works, I’ll keep an eye out! Sorry your weekend is going to be like this 🙁

    1. Ooof. Sorry to hear your images are troublesome. Think this is going to take me a few weeks as some other issues have popped up. Try not to fear the change, export/import your website onto another WordPress.com account and have a tinker before you have a forced upgrade.

    1. Cheers, Beckie. I’d say it’s worth making a throw-away second account on WordPress and giving the new editor a poke about. Try not to leave it until the last minute.

  3. Usually people outsource to professionals at a certain point. It’s easy to break things without a strong foundation of knowledge. http://www.tylergarrett.com i’m available if you need some free consultations. I learned a lot of digital marketing watching you the past few years, happy to help just because i enjoy networking. Sounds like you could automate backups with basic open source code or at least start scraping to capture your content once and awhile….

    1. Cheers, Writer. I’m pretty handy when left to my own devices. I’ve just had a bad run of issues on the site that have never been fully fixed. The 5.0 was a catalyst for everything going boom, you know? Slowly piecing it back together, and will do better than monthly backups in future.

  4. Well, at least you were able to recover your posts. I am trying to see the silver lining here. But, if it were me, I think I would be crying in the corner too. Hopefully, your pictures will resurface from some form of cloud above.

    1. Thank you, Mary. I’ve collected most of the photos together now, but I still need to go back and edit every post to make it all look right. I’ll get there.

  5. Didn’t want to like this post, but I did because this stuff is so frustrating and we can all relate to it. You’ve got more savvy than me by the sound of it – I wish you a smooth ending to this rocky road!

  6. I had a thing like this happen to me last year. All the images are still there on your drive, if it’s the same effect, they’re just not visible to the the WordPress Media tab. The good news (again, if this is the same thing) is that if you know the address for the image, it’s just a matter of weeding some unnecessary characters out of the code in each post and the images return. I did this by just copying the whole post’s HTML into a text editor, doing a “replace all” on the extraneous nonsense, and 850 pages later it’s all good as new.

    Apart from having to borrow the address from a previous post if you want to reuse an image. sigh Anyway, I hope yours is as (relatively) easy to repair as was mine.

    1. Cheers, Dirck. It’s that issue combined with every post having a featured image instead of embedded images. I need to embed images now as well as having a featured image due to my theme not being compatible. So I kinda have to go back over every post anyway haha.

  7. Oh, dear. Here, have ’em put down the pebbles for a bit and chug some ginger beer. There’s this limited version of the stuff out this time of the year. The good stuff, burns your throat to a crisp and you’ll ask for more.

    Also, unlike the other fine folks here, I like the Gutenberg editor. It’s also optional so no fear! It’s a matter of preference, really. The have ‘blocks’. A paragraph is treated as one block, the same goes for quotes and images.

    The neat thing for me is that each block is movable. The have the arrow thingys on the left that can shift it up or down how many times you want. It’s excellent for poetry and my shorts. One thing I’ve had to get used to is selecting what type of block I need, be it a quote or image etc. I gives you the option to convert a block to the “classic” editor with the features we know. Still finicky, I need to send some feed back.

    Again, it depends on what your blogging needs are and if you’re up to relearning a couple of things. Have you figured out how to deactivate it? I could help if you’d like.

    I’m sorry all this has happened, I imagine your in a tizzy but take your time to sort things through.

    1. Cheers, Devina. I may have had a bad time with the upgrade, but I have been giving the Gutenberg plugin a go for the last few months. It doesn’t work for my workflow, but I can totally understand a lot of people do like it. I’d also say the classic editor is janky as feck and has needed an update for a long time. It’s just an update that doesn’t work for me haha.

    1. Cheers, Val. It’s had quite a few updates over the last 6 months. I don’t like it, but I’d recommend everyone give the final editor a go before making up their minds.

  8. To be honest, one of the reasons I hardly post these days is that it has become such a bind, especially loading photos. I looked at the new editor, hoping that they’d sorted it. But it made me panic and run right back to where I was. I’m not happy here, but what you describe strikes me with fear…

    1. Howdy, Up. I’d recommend giving the final release a look. I know what you mean about it becoming a bind. Sometimes you just don’t dig a platform like you once did. You could always try Medium.com if you’re unhappy on WordPress.

  9. Oh no! I’ve not tried the new editor and am too scared to try anything new especially now I’ve read all the above. I hope there is a simple fix for you or some of the above suggestions are of use. Good luck. Breathe 😉

    1. Ahh, now I’d recommend using the Gutenberg plugin to give it a try before it’s forced upon your site. Nothing worse than being unprepared. The new WordPress has a lot of fans. It’s just not for everyone haha.

    1. I reckon they need to change to keep a foot in the game with the rise of Weebly, Wix and Squarespace. I’m not sure this was the right change though, heh.

  10. Your post and all the comments are freaking me out, and I don’t even have as complicated a blog as you do. I hope those that are trying the new editor are telling WordPress about the issues they are having! I also hope it the new version doesn’t roll out and destroy what I have. (BTW love the little bugs hanging around causing all the trouble in the world.)

    1. Hey there, IWas. I’d recommend trying the Gutenberg plugin. The worst thing to do is leave it until you’re forced to upgrade and get caught out. Don’t panic too much about upgrading. We’ve all got to do it at some point and we’ve all got to deal with whatever comes with it.

  11. That’s one reason I hate updating WP. I like the way things are, especially my editor. I don’t have any desire to learn a new one if the old one does exactly what I need it to do. So, what’s good with 5.0 that previous versions didn’t have? What was the purpose of updating?

    1. I think the purpose is that WordPress is trying to catch up with Squarespace, Wix and Weebly on the WYSIWYG editors. Gutenberg blocks do add a lot of functionality as far as laying out posts are concerned. But like I said in the follow up post, I used WordPress because it was WordPress, not Squarespace, Weebly or Wix. Sigh Change is hard, eh?

  12. The Gutenberg editor is not for everyone but as someone that used to rage at the double spacing and misalignment of pictures (especially for business page), I’m quite enjoying the blocks :p

    1. Arf. Good to hear another success story with Gutenberg. I’m still having quite the fallout with Gutenberg about images haha. Ruddy in-liners!

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