Lucy pt 5


“Up, up, up,” said Lucy, pulling him up to the next floor.
George stumbled through the door. “My god, this is my old kitchen,” he pondered.
“Ah, the wifey loved this room,” said Lucy. “ She was lovely wasn’t she?”
George glared at Lucy. “She tells me the kitchen table was the first place you two did the business.”
“She’s not…” muttered George.
“Here?” grinned Lucy. “Of course. She’s still in the pantry.”
A moan came from behind the door, George retreated to the stairwell.
“Do you know, the first time I had sex was with my first missus was in her parents’ kitchen,” sighed Lucy. “’This is awkward,’ she said. ‘Just ignore them’ I replied.”
The pantry door burst open, Georges wife emerged wielding her kitchen utensils.

This story originally came from some darker puns between Lucy and Yuffies meeting in the Grey Moon that felt out of context in that storyline. By Spectres beard, I just ain’t feeling it this week, though! Not happy with the quality of writing, humour or story. And I’ve ended up not using the original puns. Doh’eth.

But hey, the bright side. I have a growing library of sound effects. I’m overusing them something rotten this week, but it’s the learning to use them, innit.

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