“Excuse me,” called Marge, rubbing her eyes.
“Yes, ma’am?” replied Officer.
“Officer…” Marge bleated, squinting at his name tag. “Doohickey… Why am I here?”
“For drinking ma’am,” replied Officer.
“Ah, goodo,” replied Marge, leaning against the bars. “When do we begin?”

        1. It’s just happened again…First it said that Michael Seidel liked this comment, and now a blogger called Beal. And according to WP, this is my comment, not Marge’s…
          I heard back from WP yesterday and they said that there was no apparent suspicious activity on my account, so I am wondering if it is on this site, or Marge’s somehow? I have no idea, I am not a tech person, but it is very strange.

          1. No idea how the heck I got embroiled in this one, but wordpress gave me a notification about this thread, suggesting the “will whip them off” comment was my own.

            There’s ghostses in the machine or somethin’.

          2. Rarglyflarggle. I got a fella from Jetpack looking into it. I’ll delete all comments from this post and lock it tomorrow.

          3. Urgh. I have a fella from JetPack giving my site a go over. I’ll leave this comment for one more day then remove all comments from this post as I’m getting spammed with notifications too. Ruddy comment likes!

  1. Hi, #BryntinsBLT came by your blog today.
    (Unfortunately the BLT bit stands for Blog Leap Tour, not that I am about to bring you a tasty sandwich.)
    I’ll be leaving a link to this post on a #BryntinsBLT post on my blog later today and will now be leaping off to visit someone who has already liked your post before I got here.
    The idea is just to randomly jump around and see where I go in the world and I hope the (sparse but growing) readers of my blog, seeing me discover yours, might leap around the links too.
    (If you have pingbacks turned on you can see where else the tour ended up!)
    Anyway, sorry to interrupt. Carry on.

  2. […] Wilt does funny cartoons. I will admit that some of the cultural references sometimes go over my head but he is a Goons fan, so there’s a lot of slack to be given for that. Do pop in and say I sent you, perhaps see if he also has a ‘kill’ button.Sixth like on latest post, them’s the rules I made up…2. Little Fears […]

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