Inktober Day Thirteen – Guarded


Inktober Day Thirteen

“She might look a bit funny, but trust me,” he sighed, “if your name ain’t down, you ain’t getting in.”


      1. Shorties, we are low to the ground, good center o gravity. It’s also difficult to cross someone who does not enjoy enrage. Its outrage that gets a little wooly, suppose? But what do I know?

      1. Art art. Arf arf. Ya know I was in the city yesterday and saw a lovely mural. It depicted an intersection with three available roads: Kansas, Emerald City, and Arf.

        Gave me pause at Arf. Now you say Arf. Adorable. Reminds me of the Dark Tower and the billybumbler.

        Rambling I am, I have just woke up first cup of coffee energy at mo.

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