Inktober Day Eight – Star


Inktober Day Eight

As the star loomed closer, astronomers agreed, there could be worse fates than worlds colliding.


  1. Worse? Either way, you’re dead. I always envision the saint they fried in a giant skillet. But you raise an interesting question—do you remember after you’re dead? Interesting juxtaposition—thanx!

    1. I’m unsure of the science of it, but if the star has a toothy mouth (as pictured), would that mean if the earth was swallowed whole by a star, mankind would meet it’s end in darkness due to the loss of the sun while being digested slowly by the cosmic beast? I think I’d rather worlds collide.

      1. Friendly=it’s = it is. Its = possessive. Tough choice. swallowed whole sounds like Jonah. Jonah was barfed up, wasn’t he? So maybe a slim chance ol’ Toothy would find us distasteful? Whereas collision would be difficult to avoid, even with galactic engineering. Practice makes perfect, somebody sez, but I hope we don’t find out!

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