Inktober Day Three – Roasted


Inktober Day Three

Over the screams of terrified sprites, the beast did growl, “excuse me bruv, may I have a roast chestnut?”


  1. Your site is very cool. I’m having trouble with mine. I know at least part of the website title has been used before. It’s like a ghost has entered my space, and I don’t like it! I am having difficulty getting in touch with WordPress. Do they have any real people there? I’m starting another story soon. I’m thinking maybe publishing it as a series. If not here, then on or I am rememberroxy I think my personality can’t take too much more splitting. Your Artwork is very cool and unique. I like it. Great Blogging to you!
    Kristen Barney

    1. Hey hey, thanks for the compliment.

      A split opinion for you. If I wasn’t so established on WordPress, I would have left yonks ago. The task of importing, changing, and generally dealing with 600+ old posts is what keeps me here.

      So where would I go next? For writing, Medium. Hands down. I’ve had some success there. Up to about 8-9k followers and picked up a lot of Ko-Fi’s and book sales there. It’s smashes WordPress for meeting new people. The comments work better. So does the search. It really is a writer social network. You’re far more likely to pick up readers on Medium over WordPress just for how the site works alone. Plus the SEO is better. Whatever they do with keywords on Medium, it works. Search the first line of most of my story posts and despite it being cross-posted to nine different places, my post on Medium nearly always comes top of Google and Bing.

      For art, Tumblr. I loathe the website, but my posts fit so neatly on Tumblr. Never spend any time there and picked up a few thousand followers posting daily. I hate the search, culture and uploading fails. But despite that, I can see it’s easier to pick up cult followings there for weird stuff.

      1. Thank You for the tips! I like talking with real people every now and then. I got overloaded with writing classes, writers’ posts and forms for writing, and reading about writing that I decided I just needed to Do it. I have lots of ideas for short fiction and nonfiction. A lot of it is ready to go…somewhere. I am finding it rather disconcerting that it is so difficult to just call someone up or text them at wordpress and medium. Tumblr is weird. I like it, but you can find yourself looking at someone’s naked body if you’re not careful. Do you advocate using your real name? I feel alright with it on medium, other places not so much. Thanks for taking the time to reply to me. Your stuff really is cool. I am way past forty but I feel like a kid and I like cool stuff. Very Unique. Happy writing and making stuff! Kristen Barney

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