Inktober Day One – Poison


Inktober Day One

“She wondered, peering out from behind rows of teeth, why a creature this large would need a poisonous bite.”


New series! Just for Inktober, I’ll be continuing the Fears esoteric monsters in frightful and funny scenes. I do hope you enjoy.


    1. Haha, now that would have been a change of tone!

      I do love the Inktober challenges, but when it’s not your main thing for a month it does take a lot of time.

  1. Nice! Looking forward to seeing more of your Inktober posts. I am participating in it for my first time and will probably post clusters of my drawings here and there throughout the month.

    1. Weekly roundups with a sketchbook tour at the end of the month on YouTube is what a lotta artists go for. Works well and is a lot less hassle than daily posts haha. Good luck with ya Inktober!

  2. I would not want to be eaten by that thing!
    awkward pause
    It’s right behind me, isn’t it?
    turns around

    Mmm, hUmaN TaStEd G0oD tHiS MoRniNg i WanT MorE nOw

    1. Yep. Brings to mind good ole Komodo dragons. Rotty fleshy bite-bite on top of silly dinosaur size and strong jaw. Thanks, Nature.

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