Explosive End

Explosive End

Finding Leeds – ep. 26

“Oh, no!” cried Anita.

Moments later an explosion was heard from inside the dry cleaners. Parts of a clock and scraps of a dynamite sleeve flew through the window.

Lily picked up the broken bomb and turned it over in her hands. “It looks like Anita created a bomb activated by puns.”

“Well,” said Sally, “that blew up in her face.”

  1. OH GOOD LORD!!! Okay. I can’t remember where in the world I read this. I think it HAD to be in blogland and I’m embarrassed that I can’t name the source….but SOMEONE wonderful posted this (and forgive me twicely because now I’m going to paraphrase their brilliance! Ack!):

    “Hanging is too good a punishment for those who pun. They should be drawn and quoted!”

    And that, dear friend, surely pertains to You!!! Yay, Cheers and Thanks for the laugh!!! πŸ™‚

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