Old Men

Old Men

Finding Leeds – ep. 17

“Any idea where she could be heading next?” asked Sally.

“Back in the day she used to be a keen chess player,” said Lily.

“How does that help?” asked Sally.

“Well she liked playing chess in Regents Park with old men,” said Lily.

“Right,” said Sally. “It must be hard to round up thirty-two of them onto a board…”

  1. Ah, I was flamed for being a useless “old man” the other day. To the point that I think if there were 32 of us just standing around, even as chess pieces, we’d have been in for a “Logan’s Run” moment. Which is better than a Soylent Green moment. Only because we don’t know what happened to all the people who got sucked up into the ceiling in Logan’s, but we do know about the green chips in Soylent. There’s a character for you. A Green Geezer named Soylent!

    1. Oo, now there are two fab films. I’d always assumed the thirty-year-olds got vaporized in Logans Run. Pretty sure in the book they got put to sleep with some sort of happy poison gas. Be interesting to rewatch both and see how they hold up outside of the Planet of the Apes dystopia era of science fiction films.

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