Timely Arrival

Chasing Leads – ep. 27

Robyn held a stuffed cat toy in the air. “You know what this is?” she yelled. “It’s a kitty toy with a stick of dynamite in!” declared Robyn. “You’ll never take me alive copper!”

“Now calm down,” said Lily, “ we can talk about this.”

Robyn lifted Sally up and shoved her into the driver’s seat of the car. “Don’t even try to…”

Robyn was cut off, as a lady appeared and thwocked her on the head with a flower pot. As Robyn collapsed in a heap on the floor, the lady tossed the dynamite stick to an empty corner of the car park.

Pop! Bang!

“You…” gasped Sally. “You are… Were…”

“Justine Thyme,” replied the lady. “I own the herb shop over the road.”

Photo by Christopher Windus on Unsplash

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