Fear of houses

Fear of houses

Domatophobia. The fear of houses or being in a house. I do wonder if there is a fear of buying houses. Still, no written confirmation my house purchase is even going to start. Anyone who tells me the Scottish property system is better than the English property system will be fed to a sheep.

This post only exists so I can post a sheep picture if I’m honest. Sorry for bleating on at ewe. I’m a bit woolly-headed at the moment. It’s just I’ve herd a few sheep puns lately. Most of them are pretty baa’d.  Old folks seem to flock to them.



        1. Oh aye. We have £5,000 earmarked for improvements, white goods and furniture. And we’re looking at the very bottom end stuff.

  1. Great image. Ewe can be assured that humour is the best medication for such a baa’d situation – bleating all other alternatives. Have a great day. Happy Blogging.

  2. That was amazing. It just sheeped in my mind and now doesn’t go away.
    I do not know what I wrote except “that was amazing. Now I am feeling little sheepish.
    Is there any undone button for comments.

    1. Currently homeless thanks to the English system. Two years to sell a flat in London due to Land Registry cock-ups and buyers using shady solicitors. Nightmare. It’s baffling how we have one of the oldest property systems in the world but it’s also one of the most messed up. Good luck with your home!

  3. I need to buy Ewe a coffee, I’ve borrowed you to wallpaper my phone, I liked her that much. Just remember you have a bike, what more do you need in life. The house will sort itself out. Oh and good morning I think.

  4. Awwww man! You just pasted a sheepish grin all over my face that won’t get off the road! I know. I’m stretching!!! I’m HAPPY You posted this sheep! He rocks! Your puns soar and I just know in my wee little bones that You and Your sweetie will be in THE perfect house and THE perfect time!!! You can count on that! Get it? Count on it. Sheep. Sigh. But crap! You took all the good ones!!!

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