So, obviously, I did it. I made the ride from London to Scotland. About 960 km. In one run. Got up at 2 am, loaded my life onto the back of my bike, and whoosh. Off I went. Made it to Newcastle by 9:30 am. Smashed it! Then remembered the second half of the journey takes twice as long as the first half. On top of that, Scotland gave me a very wet and very windy Scottish welcome. So I lost 2 hours sitting in cafes waiting for the rain to feck off. I arrived in the Grampian mountains around 8 pm.

My house sale actually went through in the end. Two years… The whole sorry saga still cost me way-way-way over £100,000. My life savings are gone. The stupidity, evil and greed of humans eh? Seriously had to scale back on what we wanted to buy. Good news though already put an offer on a house up here and hopefully completing early September. Get in!

Until then, I have the option of the missus mum and dads wireless internet. Slower than the old dial-up connections. Literally, cannot play a video. Or using my phone as a 3g hub. Possible, but as you can imagine, the middle of the Scottish mountains has some seriously shonky reception. I can also pop into the closest town cafe and sponge the wifi as much as is possible over a cuppa tea. Now that option works for me! Haha.

In the meantime, I can keep creating, writing, drawing, finding new clients and getting ready to take over the world from a new home.

I gotta say. Big thanks to everyone who’s continuing to support me while I’m barely active in the community. The visitors, the commenters, the post sharers, the patrons, the Ko-Fi buyers, the art purchases and book readers. It all helps. Thank you. You’re a wonderful audience.

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