Egypt Kitty

Chasing Leads – ep. 3

“She’s tried building piles of cat soft toys before ma’am,” said Sally.

“I see,” replied Lily. “How big has she made them in the past?”

“One hundred metres tall. I have a photo of the last one from her case file,” said Sally, handing Lily the photo.

“You see this?” asked Lily. “This pile has four flat sides getting smaller the higher the pile goes. See? A sharp point at the top.”

“What does that mean?” asked Sally.

“Looks like a purramid to me,” replied Lily.

Photo by Billy Pasco on Unsplash

Thank you for joining me for today’s tale. We have a new t-shirt in our Threadless store this week as Botanica arrived. I can say for certain that Threadless provide top quality shirts, but I cannot guarantee she’s not going to plant killer carnivorous plants in your garden if you wear her while digging up weeds. Sorry about that.

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