Leo the Lioness

Leo the Lioness

“Leo? A lioness? You gotta be kitten me…”


Well look at that, Leo the lioness has arrived as an original hand drawn piece. Just in time for Caturday. I need to hashtag that…

Her minimal, kitty kibble eating form has been drawn onto 240 gsm acid-free acrylic paper for some lovely texturing. She weighs in at a size of 7 inches tall by 5 inches across. Pens included in images for size reference only. They do not come with the illustration.

If you do want the pen it’s a Faber-Castell PITT artist pens – Black.

I have two versions of her available. One with long ears one with short ears. I wanted to see which I preferred. Turns out I like both.

If you’d like to purchase an original Little Fears artwork, head on over to my Etsy store at the link below.


And is this a first? A Little Fears marketing post where I don’t mention feeling awkward when I market my products! Yes! Get in!

Oh… Wait… Bugger…

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