MC Hammer

MC Hammer

Lost Leads – ep. 28

“She taught me so much about love, life and sports,” continued the suspect.

“So what went wrong?” asked Lily.

“It started the day she showed me her MC Hammer memorabilia collection,” sighed the suspect.

“Oh, aye?” asked Lily. “What happened?”

“She wouldn’t let me touch anything,” sighed the suspect.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

    1. I do like a nice rock hammer. More of a rock nerd than a hammer nerd, but bashy things always appeal to a man.

  1. Interesting bit of trivia about MC Hammer. Before he was famous, former Oakland A’s (that’s a baseball team) owner and noted skinflint Charlie Finley hired young Hammer to spy on the players in the clubhouse when Finley was away on business.
    Allegedly whenever Hammer tried to handle any of the equipment, someone on the staff would grab it away and say, “Hey! Can’t touch this.” 😀

      1. Too funny! Finley is one of those guys who has a lot of stories about him, too many to list here. One of his more notorious incidents was firing an infielder in the middle of a World Series for making a couple of errors.

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