Toilet Hide

Toilet Hide

Lost Leads – ep. 24

“Ma’am!” cried Sally. “Come quick!”

“What’s wrong?” asked Lily, bursting into the bathroom.

“Look,” said Sally pointing towards the toilet.

Lily peered at the toilet. Its seat was down. A pair of eyes peeked out back from under the lid.

“Sally,” said Lily. “Flush them out.”

Photo by Filios Sazeides on Unsplash

  1. Perhaps this is a terrified witness to the horrific crime, so for cough’s sake let’s hope our intrepid duo don’t lose this chance as the evidence slips down the pan.

  2. A Friend of mine was having plumbing troubles and convinced his kids that the occasional sploosh noise that they heard was ninjas escaping through the potty. Now every time they hear an unexplained sound in the house they blame “potty ninjas “

  3. My 4 year old is peering over my shoulder as we are listening and said “oooo! what is that?” pointing to the scary creature on the right! Imagine if those eyes peering from the toilet were a big spider that were hiding!

      1. I will have to look that up. The story I was thinking of is IT. There’s a nasty character who troubles one of the kids by inhabiting the bathroom (with blood). I don’t usually watch those movies, but I enjoy the author’s work. (it was an adaptation.) Keep posting Little Fears; I’ll keep following. Good day to you

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