I now have a Ko-Fi page. The new coffee icon at the bottom of my posts takes you there. I had a PayPal button which was limited on how much I can earn without being a registered charity from tips. Also, the button isn’t straightforward to make. PayPal tips button is a kludge. So, enter Ko-Fi.

Ko-Fi allows people to give small one-off tips of $3. It’s a great idea over Patreon because not everyone wants to subscribe to donate dollars every month. Some folk just prefer one-off tips. I like the idea of Ko-Fi too. Buying someone a cuppa. That’s just nice.

On payment, Lisa was my first coffee buyer. The change landed in my PayPal account within minutes. It comes out $2.57 after fees. Thank you, Lisa!

If you’d like to buy me a cuppa, please do click the link below, and I take PG tips with a little bit of cows milk.

Little Fears Ko-Fi page

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