GDPR & WordPress

GDPR & WordPress

Grr. I’m pro-GDPR. Data security and privacy are concerns of mine. But how the piss-feckery did Facebook and the like think they were going to continue to abuse peoples data without something like this having to come into force.

We, good people of the EU, are missing American websites today. Sorry about that. Also, Facebook, within 24 hours, haha, bloody ha.

For most of the internet, nothing changes. We just need to to have a few more warnings and we all need a privacy policy. For my self-hosted WordPress blog friends, being compliant is easy. Open Jetpack. Click the banner at the top about EU & Privacy. Fill in the privacy policy page template (takes 2 minutes) and you’re done. That’s it.

The only way that gets more involved is if you collect data and do anything else with it. Such as “download my free ebook, gimme your email address,” then add people to mailing lists. Or storing data outside of WordPress. Or if you’re collecting data and doing nefarious things with it. If you are collecting data and doing nefarious things with it, please stop. You’re being a dick and fucking it up for the rest of us.

To read my privacy policy, click here. It’s the WordPress template, with my email and web address on.

An edit to add, GJ’s description of how she summoned cookies and a privacy policy on the personal plan.

On a the personal plan site you navigate to the customise section, then go to widgets, select a section you want to add the privacy notice to, I used the lowest footer, footer 3. Select the consent and privacy widget, then update the details as required, setting how the banner reacts and the address of your privacy policy and publish. Done.

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Another edit to add a tip from Aimer.

For anyone else on… WordPress adds the cookie banner automatically. If you add the cookie widget yourself, the banner never closes. Deleting the widget solves the problem.

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