Wood Posts

Grey Moon – Sunday (ep. 81)

“That took some explaining,” laughed Saturn. “Hey look at that! They’ve done some work on the beer garden out back.”

“Yeah, that’s where we first did the business,” grinned Jessie.

“Yep, up against the fence at the back,” said Saturn. “Say. Wanna have a go there again. For old times sake.”

“Sure,” said Jessie. “I’m up for some beer garden nookies!”

“Hey, at least they replaced the rickety old wooden fence with a metal one,” said Saturn. “The splinters I got last time were a planetary pain in the arse!”

“Ah, yes,” laughed Jessie. “I remember you asking on a web forum about the best ways of removing wood splinters from your bum.”

“Yep,” grumbled Saturn. “Bad post…”

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