New Hat

New Hat

Capricorn (ep. 83)

“New hat?” asked Winston.

“Yeah,” said Charlie, twiddling his new trilby to the room. “Got it off an eBay house clearance for £1.20! It’s got a name tag for a Michael in it, but otherwise, it’s mint.”

“Reminds me of your old one,” said Winston.

“Yeah, that’s why I got it. Nostalgia grabbed me!” said Charlie. “Can I get you a drink?”

“Any chance I could have a Green Vesper?” asked Winston.

“Yeah sure,” said Charlie. Charlie had no idea how to make cocktails or mix drinks.

Michael did though.


      1. Please do Layne. I have a feeling there was an old black and white Twilight Zone where a tramp was possessed by a pair of shoes. Must look that up!

    1. Cheers, Anthony. I was just saying to Layne, I recall a Twilight Zone where someone was possessed by a pair of shoes. If I find it I’ll pop you over a link.

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