Cockney clouds

Cockney cloud

Ever noticed how the clouds in Britain take issue with each other? America has vast clouds that live miles apart. Above India, the clouds are temperamental. Having a tantrum, sending monsoons in anger. Above London? They’re all squashed together. Cockney clouds are fighting for airspace.

“Get outta ma way bruv, tryin’ ta shape maself like an island, innit!”


    1. Ruddy EU, they can take their migrant clouds back once we get Brexit delivered!

      Still a more likely claim than £350 mil for the NHS

    1. You all live spread out in California though right? Clouds are just taking cues from the humans below.

  1. This has references that ignorant colonist-me doesn’t get, but I’ve been to the U.K., walked London at night in the rain and fog (pretty little me didn’t get knifed either, nice enough) then, next day, of all things I saw a 1968-69-ish Firebird blowing down Kensington High St.. Seen Edinburgh castle at night, drank brandy with a Spanish couple in Ruthin Castle… and f*cking loved every second of it.

    1. I kinda see it that clouds over each nation have their own personalities. That’s all heh.

      Sounds like a darn good tour of Britain, Ash.

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