Grumpy Owl

Grumpy Owl

Spiders (ep. 14)

“Bloody Owl,” said Globe.

“What’s up?” asked Magpie.

“That chuffing Owl landed on me, crapped on me, pecked me, regurgitated bones on me then threatened to feed me to his chicks, for no darned reason.”

“Huh,” said Magpie. “Maybe he has irritable owl syndrome?”


    1. I hear watching FOX is akin to reading the Daily Mail. Can’t make it past the headlines without being outraged. 😀

  1. Gave my husband a smirk with your story today. He had a colonoscopy earlier in the morning. Why just a smirk and not a laugh, you might ask. Well, I asked him. He smirked again: “Too early.” I might try again tomorrow.

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