For this weeks #Colour_Collective. Wasps… Nope… Nothing to say or see here. Arse dagger wielding little feckers.


  1. They must have had a word with those feckin’ foxes…

    I quite like wasps, btw., and usually experience them as very friendly and curious – that is if I am not sitting somewhere at city centre where our winged friends mirror to us the aggressive behaviour of the humans around. 🙂

      1. They can be very gentle, and are extremely sensitive to their surroundings, wasps. When we get nervous, they do, too.

        Well, that would make for a longer conversation at a different place, I guess.

  2. They’re great!! Not wasps….Your drawings of them!!! You captured them! I didn’t have a problem with those buggers until they started eating all our Monarch caterpillars. Boo hiss!!!

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