Snow Bus

Capricorn (ep. 79)

She was tall and slender, enough to tower over most men, but she looked so fragile. Her legs reminded him of a spider and her hair was always frazzled.

He never saw where she came from, she would just appear by the roadside, looking up the street. Like she was waiting for a bus she never expected to come.

He’d invited her to wait inside a few times. She always declined.

Why would someone wait for four hours for a bus in the snow?

Ambiguous though many of my endings are, I do like to have a start, finish and end to my stories. This wasn’t so much a story but a start of a story that never fully formed in my head back in the Blue Moons heyday. The scene stuck in my head though. A lady who looked like a breath of wind would knock her over, waiting at a bus stop for a ride that would never come.

Also, dicking about with effects on a video. This was set to 100% and won’t be staying at 100%. But it’s an interesting effect. Just thought it would give my daily tales a little more visual thingy.

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