Terminal - A Little Fears horror flash fiction, short story in which an easy mark is spotted, and a terminal command accepted.

TellyTube Thumbnails

You’ve all noticed my video style changed a few weeks back? The first of a few changes. My goal for the recent change was to sort my thumbnails outs. I like the old title card, but every video looked indistinguishable from the next. I needed to change the thumbnails, so if folk saw them while in the sidebar they’d say “oh look, one I haven’t seen before!”

The text is colour coded for each book’s storyline. It’s changed three times. I tried a lower case, lowercase with capitalised story name, all capital letters and capital letters with a border. All fonts are Arial Black. I’m going to settle on capital letters with a border with the title more substantial than the rest of the fonts. This ensures the coloured text doesn’t spread and look as bad when the thumbnails shrink to a tiny size. The Little Fears presents along the top, and a little humour/horror at the bottom also don’t detract from the title.

An image has been added to each thumbnail relevant to the story. A big issue with my old thumbnails. I liked them, but they did all look the same. I imagine, for a first time Fears watcher it was hard to see what someone had and hadn’t watched.

The new title card serves as a new video introduction too. So now I begin talking at the 6-second mark instead of the 12-second mark. I need to set the music to start quietly as it currently intrudes on my voice. That’s easily done.

After doing all this, my views haven’t moved up much. Most of my videos are under a minute long, so I don’t expect most watchers to count as a view. My likes did return, and I went from one new subscriber every three days to one every day.

The next change is sorting out some decent camera equipment so that I can do a Ronnie Corbet shaggy dog story styled readings o long stories. That’d lend itself to doing readings of other peoples stories too if they were interested. It would be like Jackanory story, with Peter. Bedtime stories for grown-ups.

As always, I do hope somebody finds this useful. Started YouTube recently? Got a TellyTube channel established? Let us know about your thumbnail creation in comments and feel free to leave a link to your videos.