Spectre Adrift

Spectre Adrift

January (ep. 60)

“Haven’t seen you in ages,” said Kraken.

“Not very good sea legs,” replied Spectre.

“No oars or sail,” pondered Kraken. “Are you adrift?”

“Afraid so,” said Spectre. “Came looking for you, lost my oars, and now I’m being pulled away from the shore by a strong current.”

“Oh dear,” said Kraken. “Hey, if you have a fish pun for me I’ll push you back to shore.”

“Oh for goodness sake, Kraken!” exclaimed Spectre. “This is not the time or the plaice…”


  1. That was so bad we should demand your head on a pike. I guess we’d need to perch us a ticket to watch.

    Sir, you can’t bring that dead fish in here! This is an audiologist shop!
    Well, your advert said I’d be obliged to drop by if I had trouble with my herring.
    Hearing. Trouble with your hearing!
    That’s what I’m telling you, you idiot. He’s dead. That’s not trouble enough?
    No, no hearing!

    Python would have beaten that to death…

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